About us

The Kuřim foundry is engaged
castings made of gray and ductile iron.

The foundry has its own model shop and is able to quickly implement new orders.

The Kuřim foundry was built according to the project of the company LESTER B. KNIGHT ASOCIATES - CHICAGO on the site of the original engineering hall of the Brno Zbrojovka. Construction began in 1949.

The new foundry as well as the entire plant in Kurim was at that time part of the newly established United Machine Tool Factory Prague n.p.

As of 1 January 1950, a separate company TOS KUŘIM n.p. The production equipment was partly delivered according to the original project by American suppliers, after the supply was stopped in 1949, the remaining part was delivered by domestic manufacturers.

The first tapping took place on October 26, 1951, but regular production did not begin until 1953.

By 1960, production had grown to 15,000 tons per year.

The production of castings for machine tools from the well-known Brno VAŇKOVKA with a long tradition of foundry production was transferred to the foundry.

Along with the production, a large number of qualified foundries, modellers and & nbsp; technicians were transferred to Kuřim, which created the preconditions for maintaining a high professional level of production in the new foundry.

In 1992, as part of the privatization, the foundry became and a separate company Kuřim Foundry was established.

The main strategic intention of the company's management is to maintain the character of a commercial foundry of gray and ductile iron with a focus on the production of demanding castings for machine tools and other industries and at the same time achieving the maximum share of castings exports to Western markets . To achieve this goal, great importance is placed on the innovation of production technologies.