Slevarna Kurim, a.s. complies with the conditions set out in the Integrated Permit, which was issued on 17 July 2007 and is continuously updated. Despite a significant tightening of emission limits from 1 January 2021, the emission limits are met with a large margin.

In addition to the integrated permit, Slevarna Kurim, a.s. also tries to promote other environmentally friendly activities, for example, it is part of the Green Company project through which used electrical appliances are handed over to a company that will ensure their recycling.

As part of this project, employees themselves can bring in end-of-life appliances from their households.

Since 2019, Slevarna Kurim, a.s. has also had an ISO 50 001 certified system to ensure the economical use of energy, a topic that is particularly relevant today.

During the revitalisation of the greenery on the premises of Slévárna Kuřim, a.s., over 60 trees and over 1,000 shrubs and over 1,000 ornamental herbs and grasses were planted in 2015, which together should provide suitable conditions for the development of fauna on our premises.

It is not without interest that irrigation of the greenery in the area is provided by water from captured rainfall from part of the roofs of the Slévárna Kuřim, a.s.

Excess sand from the sand moulds is used to replace part of the natural resources in building products in an extraordinary project throughout the European Union.

The main task in winter maintenance is to maintain smooth passability and navigability of roads in our company's premises. This maintenance is carried out in an environmentally friendly manner and therefore we use only natural inert material for gritting.